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Peninsula de Marau - Bahia

Located on the famous Dendê Coast in southern Bahia, the Maraú Peninsula is one of the most reserved areas of the state that former access to the region. This ecological sanctuary shows a variety of coastal ecosystems, natural pools, estuaries and oceans Atlantic Ocean with beautiful beaches, reefs, mangroves, natural fields and forest types of the Atlantic Forest with a varied fauna and flora. In addition, the peninsula also offers other types of attractions geared towards ecotourism such as waterfalls and ecological trails. There are approximately 40 miles of virtually deserted beaches. During the low tide the series of natural pools filled with colorful fish appear on the reefs. Barra Grande is the largest town on the peninsula and still preserves a caiçara simplicity, although it is home to the main inns, bars and restaurants of the region.The peninsula has several restaurants of good quality providing a huge gastronomic itinerary in houses specialized in all types of cuisine.

It's on the Taipu de Fora beach, wich is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil that has a natural pool with one kilometer length of colorful fish. There you can see reefs, corals and many fish species. 

In the summer, dives are made with lanterns to observe the nocturnal marine fauna.

Modern Architecture

Mayim Villa -
Taipu de fora beach Suites 

BEDROOMS        1




Modern Architecture

Village Cor -

Taipu de fora beach Cottages

BEDROOMS        1

BATHROOMS      1.5



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